Certain Little Things

Even though I smile, I still have feelings. My behavioral patterns often display my emotions.

Slight twitching of head: I’m starting to freak out. Early onset panic attack. Get tranquilizer darts ready.

Hysterical laughing or crying: I’m having a breakdown.

Eyebrow shoots up: Either something awesome just happened or my wife is in the room.

Blushing slightly: I’m embarrassed or flattered.

Intense twitching of head: Full-blown panic attack.

Intense blushing: My wife just seduced me.

Head cocks to the left: I’m confused. Accompanied by a high-pitched grunt.

Scratching my arms: I’ve just done something stupid.

Low growl: I’m getting irritated.

Longer growl: I’m extremely angry. I will bite if angered further. Accompanied by grinding of teeth.

Hair fluffs up: I’m scared.

Avoiding others: I’m depressed or scared.

Biting: I’m past the point of anger; irate is a better word.

Squeal: Excited. Will also bounce around.

Thumb pressed against the tip of my nose: I’m taunting. Will wiggle my other fingers.